a simple option for a simple business

A small farmer’s market business with a desire for a small online presence.  Kawartha Birdsong didn’t need any fancy social media or marketing plans, they simply wanted a place to send their clients and share helpful birding tips and photos.

Kawartha Birdsong was finding many of their clients were coming in with the same questions regarding how to attract birds to their yard, what and when to feed their birds and how to keep squirrels at bay.  They wanted a frequently asked questions section where their clients would be able to ask questions and find the answers they’re looking for.

We started with basic branding to give their business a recognizable mark.  They wanted a logo that appealed to a cottage crowd and outdoorsy types, so we came up with a rough around the edges summer-camp style logo and styled their site with earthy tones.

We also created a custom bird watcher’s checklist for them and an area on their site for sharing the photos they take of their birds.