your family, organic and unscripted

My lifestyle family portrait sessions are relaxed and easy going, with an emphasis on having fun. Children thrive in front of the camera with minimal direction, and it’s my goal to capture real moments of your kids being themselves.

The majority of my family shoots happen, at least in part, at your home where your kids feel the most confident. When not shooting in your home I love heading out into nature. I love letting your kids play and get dirty, run and be free!

Don't let the moments slip away

My Philosophy

It can feel so daunting to plan a photo shoot - there's always a reason to wait until next month. You put it off again and again and then all of a sudden your baby is starting kindergarten and you realize how few photos you have of you, together, when they were tiny.

Family photos should never be put on the back burner, because before you know it time has slipped away and you've missed your chance to capture these significant moments in your life. I'm here to make sure you remember these moments forever.

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I'm Anita

And I'd love to be your photographer!

I'm a Peterborough native living in the Ottawa area with my husband (Josh), toddler (Wren), cat (George Michael) and Rottweiler (Pineapple). I love beer and tv marathons, animals and the summer.

For over ten years I’ve been creating visual stories that tell the tale of some of the biggest moments in peoples lives. I work full time as a family and wedding photographer, capturing natural and candid moments for you to remember forever.

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