The number one thing I can recommend to you, when you're booking a family shoot, is to plan an activity. But why, you ask?

Kids thrive when they have something to do...and you know what? So do adults. If the idea of awkwardly posing for photos makes you feel icky, you're not alone. Giving yourself something to do in front of the camera takes the pressure off. Instead of feeling like you have to perform, you can focus on a task with your children which will help everyone feel at ease.

What kind of activities might I suggest for your photo shoot? Well that partially depends on location, partially on the weather/season and partially on your children's ages. It can be a little more challenging to offer casual activities to your older children/teens, but it's by no means impossible.

Check out the following lists and consider some of these activities for your photo shoot with me!

For photo shoots that happen at home...

Playing in water (kiddie pool, real pool, sprinkler, etc..)

Having a bath

Washing the dog

Jumping on your trampoline

Riding bikes

Playing road hockey, soccer, etc..

Picking flowers

Play with bubbles


Bake some cookies

Rake the leaves

Build a snowman

Carve pumpkins

For photo shoots that happen on location...

Pack a picnic

Plan a nature scavenger hunt

Go looking for frogs

Fly a kite

Have a snowball fight

Bring along some favourite toys

Pick a location based on your activity...

Go to the local outdoor pool or splash pad

Have photos taken of your child's sports practice or game

Go to the petting zoo

Go berry or apple picking

Go to the beach

Go get ice cream

Go tobogganing

The possibilities are literally endless! Just remember that the activity should reflect something that your children like to do. Involve them in the decision to help get them pumped up about the shoot!