Why In-Home photo Shoots are the best

I absolutely adore photographing families in their own home. It's one of my favourite things to photograph, but it's a location that's often met with hesitation. Maybe you feel your couch needs replacing, or the gardens didn't do well this year. Maybe you were hoping to stain your deck first, or paint the kids' rooms.

Here's the thing, though. That couch doesn't matter. Neither do the gardens. What matters is that it's a meaningful location to you.

A beautiful forest, a tree, a field...they can all make for gorgeous backdrops, but they won't result in meaningful photos. Photos taken at your home will always be more special because your home is where so many special moments happen. Looking back in 20 years and seeing those "dated" couches, your favourite house plants and your childrens' special toys will bring you so much more joy than a random tree at the arboretum will.

Let's also chat talk about why your own home is one of the best choice for getting fantastic photos of your children:

They're comfortable in their surroundings

Some kids you can pick up and drop in a new location and they have zero adjustment period. Others...not so much. If your child takes a while to adjust to a new setting, think of how they'll adjust to a new setting with a stranger pointing a camera at them. Will they feel more reserved? Emotional? Will there be a period of time where they shut down?

Since our shoots have a fixed length, if it takes your child half the session to warm up to the idea of having photos taken in a new location, that's obviously not ideal!

Your children are already comfortable in your home and yard. That's their zone. They have their toys and activities, their favourite spots. They'll want to show me things and share their world with me. This will always result in the best and most natural photos of your children.

In my experience, children always warm up to the camera way faster at home than they do at a park.

There's stuff to do!

A park is beautiful...but other than running around, what is there for your children to do? 

If you're simply looking for some pretty portraits of your children a park location can be a great choice, but if you're looking to capture candid moments (moments like you see on my facebook and instagram feeds) your children will need something to do.

If you don't want photos at your home and prefer an outdoor location, choose a location where there is something to do, or bring activities with you! This may be as simple as choosing to go to the beach for your photos, going tobogganing or skating, bringing along a picnic, planning a nature hunt (think a microscope and a basket for collecting treasures), etc..

If you are open to it, however, please please please consider your home! It's such a special place for photos.