Candid Family Photoshoot At Home

I absolutely adore getting to work with my clients more than once. I love getting to watch their families grow, their lives change, and I love the opportunity to catch up.

I photographed Lauren and Craig’s backyard wedding the first summer I started shooting weddings full time. A few years later I photographed their daughter when she turned a year old, and I had the opportunity to photograph their family once again this year, unfortunately under sadder circumstances. Their sweet miniature schnauzer, Rory, who I first met at their wedding all those years back, was getting older and his health had been going downhill. So we took some photos to celebrate this little dog’s big life.

Fun fact: since I last photographed this wonderful family they moved from their home in Hintonburg, the home where I shot their wedding and first photographed Bianca. Earlier this year a couple booked me to photograph their wedding next summer, and when they filled out my booking form I realized they are now living in Lauren and Craig’s old house. Which just feels so special to me.

And, yes. These guys have a GREENHOUSE attached to their home. Which is my absolute dream!

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