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Anita Peeples trivia question: what was the first thing I photographed professionally? Yep, you got it. Pets.

It all started with a DSLR and a beautiful little boxer girl named Autumn. I was hooked. Autumn even made it onto the cover of Dog Fancy magazine, alongside Martha Stewart, no less! Google “Boxer Dog”, she’s like, the third result.

Sweet Autumn has since passed, at which point Pineapple came into our lives. We also have a cat (est. 2008), George Michael, who insists on sleeping in my arms every night (it’s a lot more uncomfortable than it sounds…but I love him, so I let him do it).

On top of all of that? I worked for years at a boarding kennel/doggy daycare as well as a vet clinic. Pets are my thang, quiz me.

To this day I still offer pet photo shoots (cat photography, dog photography, horse photography, I’ve photographed birds and even guinea pigs!).

While I always encourage you and your human family to participate in these photos, the primary focus of this sessions is your fur babe. If you’re looking to capture more of a full family vibe, a family or portrait session is what you’re after!

All of my sessions include both high resolution and web-ready digital files with full printing rights. All the photos you will receive are edited to the extent that you see on my website. All prices include 60km of total travel and are subject to applicable taxes.

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